HCIBH Spring Hunter Pace- May 13th – 10AM

Postponed to May 14 (Mothers’ Day) – See you there!

A hunter pace is a marked course that covers varied terrain, including creeks, hills, and other natural obstacles.  We offer jumping and non-jumping courses, suitable for all levels of horses and riders.  All courses are between 2-4 miles, and you may enter more than one class.   Classes are open to all riders, you do not have to be a member of a hunt club to participate!

Part of the Maryland Hunter Pace Circuit.

1.) Fast Time Over Fences Fences 3’ – 3’6”; hunt teams over a course of fair hunting country with a distance of 2-4 miles. Fastest team wins. 
2.) Optimum Time Over Fences Fences 3’ – 3’6”; hunt teams over fair hunting country. Time will be pre-set to simulate riding to working hounds. Team closest to preset time wins. 2-4 miles. 
3.) Optimum Time Over Low Fences Fences not to exceed 2’6”; for hunt teams over a 2-4 mile course. Time will be pre-set to simulate riding to working hounds. Team closest to pre-set optimum time wins. 
4.) Junior Optimum Time Over Low Fences Same as Class #2, except teams must be junior in accordance with the rules. 
5.) Optimum Flat Time Min. 2 miles; team closest to pre-set optimum time wins. 
6.) Junior Optimum Flat Time Same as Class #5; Juniors are 18 and under; two juniors are necessary for a junior team; riders 9 years old and under may ride with an adult and classify as a “Junior” team. 

Entry Fee: $25 per rider per class. Each team must declare on their entry form in which division(s) they will be riding. Maps of the courses will be available upon registration.

Six ribbons awarded in each class. No optimum times announced before the end of the racing day. Team consists of a minimum of 2 riders. 

Required attire: Protective head gear, formal hunt attire or ratcatcher; juniors must have safety harness on helmet and safety vests are recommended. No sneakers or chaps will be allowed. Liability form must be signed by rider with entry; juniors must have a parent sign for them. No rain dates. There will be no schooling over the course. 
This course is provided through the kindness of the landowners, please don’t abuse their generosity.  
Hunter Pace Co-Chairs: Master Tracy Diamond tracy@tracydiamondteam.com
Kathy Leef kathryn.leef@friendshiphospital.com 

You do not need to be member of a hunt club! Just get a team of riders together and have fun!

Held at the HCIBH Kennels 18821 Windsor Forest Road Mount Airy, MD 21771

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